Slithery Goodness

Today was a good day for packages. I got the yarn I ordered to make Slither, a big bag of buttons to play around with (mostly shiny gold-colored metal), the children’s knitting needles I ordered for my daughter, and the teapot-shaped buttons I ordered for Diane’s scarf. Add in the fact that I got a big box of bamboo DPNs yesterday, and I’m a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, of course, I cast on for Slither today, after winding a couple of skeins of my new Knit Picks Wool of the Andes into balls. (Yes, I’m kinda cheap, but at least I didn’t go for plastic. Cast on, using size 11 needles instead of 10, thinking that my gauge is always way too tight, and started knitting. Got 6 rows in before I realized I had screwed up the stitch pattern majorly (who screws up 1×1 rib? geeez!) and had to frog it and start over. Second time, I got 5 rows in before I realized that the 11 needles weren’t going to cut it. The fabric was too loose, and there was no way that it was going to fit. Sooo… I frogged again, and. Wait a minute. Do I have straight 10s? There’s no way I can knit this on DPNs, too many stitches. A check of my ravelry needle chart (god, I love that thing) gave me a firm no. Great. So, start winding the balls up again, then I realized… The needles I bought my daughter are 10s. Thankfully, she had no problem with me borrowing them, and I got the top cuff of the right armwarmer finished! (And ordered a pair of straight 10s off of eBay.)

So, next up, working the arm… Oh, wait, I don’t have straight 7s, and the circular I have is a little busy with Tempting. I promised myself I’d try to get these old projects done if I did Slither for myself, and if I pass it off onto other needles to wait it’ll never get done, so… I really do have to finish my sister’s xmas gift from 4 years ago before I can do any more on my arm warmers! I can see it now… Surprise! You get a sweater I started 4 years ago when you were still in high school, and now it probably won’t fit! Yay! (Guess she could always give it to my daughter if it doesn’t fit.)

Oh, and in other news… I placed the first major order for the business I’m trying to start. Not going to go into any more details, but I’m a little bit excited/nervous/scared to death. More details closer to launch time. ๐Ÿ™‚


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