So, after the little issue with the needles, I spent roughly 7 hours working on Tempting last night while I caught up on Dexter, Big Bang Theory, and NCIS.  I figured, even if I had freed the needles I needed, I should finish the project before I went any further with my own. So…

I’m almost there. After 4 years, I’m almost finished with Tempting. And I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to fit my sister. But, honestly, it’s gone beyond the whole idea of knitting a really nice sweater for her (which it is, really) and become a mission to simply finish it, to finish my very first sweater. And it’s also become a reminder why I should never, ever tackle an entire sweater ever again.

Now I just need to finish it… Weave in ends, find a ribbon and get it in… And hope that, when my sister emails me with her measurements, that she hasn’t developed too well to wear it. Otherwise, well… My daughter’s kinda coveting it right now. And I guess it would look cute on her if I cinched the neck up and put it over some black leggings or something. We shall see.

Pictures tomorrow, though probably just on a 5-year-old instead of the intended recipient. 😉


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