It’s been forever, but I’m alive!

This year, I’ve made a commitment to myself – birthday socks! One pair of socks will be knit for each birthday this year, starting with my daughter’s and youngest sister’s last month (the latter of which was late – oops! But, hey, at least I finished ’em!)
Chickie's Birthday Socks

This is also going to be the year where I make decisions on old, hibernating projects. One has already been frogged (my I Do – cheap cotton dishcloth yarn is NOT the right choice for lacework), and I’ve made good progress on another (Kyoto – though it won’t fit the original intended recipient anymore.)

This, too, is the year where I become serious about my knitting.  Well… As serious as I ever get. 😉

My goals for this year:

  • Finally finish my Kyoto from 2005
  • Birthday socks for every family member
  • Make decisions on all of my remaining hibernating projects, and act accordingly
  • Save up for and purchase a Harmony interchangeable needle set
  • Learn at least one new thing a month!
  • Have fun with fibers, colors, and patterns
  • Knit for those who appreciate the time, effort, and love that goes into my work – especially myself.
  • Use only good quality yarns
  • Use the right yarn & tools for each project – no more dishcloth yarn for lacework
  • If I manage to make every pair of birthday socks and get them all to the rightful recipients in a timely manner… I’m buying myself a grab bag from WEBs!

I currently have 2 projects on the needles, and I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive for the third. Kyoto, of course, is one of the two. The second is my Blanket o’ Wonder (aka Sediment Scraps Blanket.)
I fell in love with the Yggdrasil Afghan, but $100 for the cheapest (semi-decent) yarn for a project is a little much – especially one that big, that I’m not sure I’d have the patience for. But I did want to do a blanket for myself, so I started browsing… And wound up falling for the idea of a scrap blanket. This one seemed mindless enough, and allows for different yarn weights, so I cast on! I’m setting a few limits on this blanket…

  1. No buying yarn. I can buy yarn for other projects and use the scraps for this, but I will NOT buy new yarn for this project. This is strictly a scrap & stash project.
  2. Fiber content needs to be at least 50% wool throughout the entire piece. I wanted a wool blanket, and this is the best (cheapest) way to do it.
  3. No planning out colors. At all. I balled up all of my scraps, put them into a black opaque bag, and grabbed 4 colors to start with. After those 4 colors, when I need one, I close my eyes and reach into the bag (or, preferably, have someone else do it so I can’t decide by touch which yarn I want to continue with.)

This really is an awesome project… Every inch of yarn in it has a story behind it – from the Eco Wool I fell in love with, started a wrap, and couldn’t get past the first 20 lines, to the remnants of the wool I dyed with Kool-Aid when my daughter was just a baby. I have pieces of projects, old and new… I figure, sometimes the colors might not go too well together, but it’s more than the color, or the texture, or the stitch pattern. This is my memory blanket – like a quilt made up of bits of old clothes, this is made up of memories, dreams, frustration… I love it to death.
The initial bounty intended for the Blanket o' Wonder
Blanket o' Wonder - 3/11


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