Less Than Three!!!!!1!!!

So, I spent much of yesterday totally depressed, and finally decided last night that I needed a little retail therapy. Now, for me, that doesn’t involve going out to a store and going nuts with my credit card. No, it involves spending hours and hours online, researching & hunting for the PERFECT thing to buy, sometimes not finding anything, sometimes spending way too much money… But it IS a great distraction.

Anyways, I decided I wanted to buy a skein or two of yarn. I’ve got two projects on the needles, one that I’m just waiting for the yarn for, and at least one coming up every single month until August, but I decided that I NEEDED yarn to make something really special and fun. I hunted high and low for a NICE yarn that I LOVED. I checked out Simply Socks, which I’ve been meaning to try – they’re semi-local, and I figured shipping would be super fast. But… Nothing really sparked my fancy. I tried Webs, but again, nothing caught my eye. Then, I decided to browse Etsy.

Now, Etsy is one of my major guilty pleasures. I can spend hours and hours browsing through the wonders there – steampunk jewelry, handmade toys, soaps, perfumes, furniture… Everything. Especially yarn.  I love buying direct, and having that direct dialog with the creator/designer/dyer/spinner. Love it so much that I tend to up my maximum price I’ll pay for something, sometimes beyond what I can really afford. So, when my eyes fell on this yarn, I barely even looked at the price… Until I did. Thankfully, just about the time I was deciding whether I could spend $30 on a single pair of socks (even if it WAS going to be one of my very few selfish knits), I got a text from my brother. His wife’s birthday is next month, and I needed to know her favorite color before I bought yarn for her socks. And there’s just something about that text that snapped me back to reality – maybe it’s the association of the color pink with pepto bismol and upset stomachs (which can be caused by said color), maybe it’s just that I realized that I have things other than myself that I need to spend money on… But anyways, the yarn got added to my favorites, and after a little searching, I wandered off to KnitPicks and ordered a much cheaper skein of Stroll Tonal in pink (and another skein of yet to be named yarn for my sister’s socks) 😉

Today, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about that yarn. Beautiful brown in wool & silk, with silver woven through it… Just the thought of it makes me want to throw my money at the seller. Yet, I still can’t justify spending $30+ on a single skein of yarn… At least, not if it’s for me. Oi.

Hopefully I can find something similar at a lower price – otherwise, I’m sure that money is going to find a way to sneak out of my account and that yarn is going to randomly fall into my stash. And that would be SUCH a tragedy. 😉


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