Interesting couple of days so far… Major family drama last night which resulted in me on the verge of tears over stupid stuff that doesn’t matter. And then my daughter was up all night with a stomach bug that had her vomiting every couple of hours.

But! Big but… On the knitting front, things are going GREAT! Got most of my yarn that I ordered, except my KnitPicks order… Which apparently came to Indy and then left on a trip up to Wisconsin for who knows what reason (I live in a suburb of Indy) – last time I get the regular shipping through them, I swear!

Anyways… The PandaCotton for my sister-in-law’s socks is omg nice! I absolutely love it – so much, in fact, that I’m considering buying some for myself. Got them going, and I’m about 1/4 of the way into the first sock. Would be further, but intarsia in the round is, apparently, a very complicated maneuver and takes much longer than regular knitting. And the sad thing is – I don’t HAVE to do it. I could just do stripes and she’d love it, but no… I have to make it super-complicated. Oh well… At least I should have enough left over to make Chickie a pair of socks that actually fit!

Found someone on Ravelry who had a similar skein of yarn to the $30 one I wanted to buy… for a little over half the price, so I went for it. Not sure how much I like the feel of the fiber yet, but I’ll find that out once I get working on the socks. I will say, though… It’s nice to splurge on myself… And a little satisfying to get what I want for me at a price that I can handle.

I’ve already started making plans for my next pattern. It’s going to be awesome! But… I’m SO not sharing yet. It’s a seeecret. *nods* But it’s going to be awesome, and if I use knitpicks stuff, it will be cheap-ish to make, too – even if I go for the better quality yarns.

Did my first test knit – a bunny hat for the midget. Used up some stash yarn, which reminded me exactly why I don’t like knitting with acrylic AT ALL. I hate how plasticky it feels as you work with it… Very much prefer the Panda Cotton – or even regular cotton. Thankfully, that’s the last of the acrylic in my stash, aside from the bits that are going to wind up worked into my scrap blanket. That hat, though… It turned out cute, if not a little boring. But the kid loves it, so that’s all that matters. As long as she’s happy. 🙂

Bunny Hat

Chickie's Bunny Hat

Now to finish the socks… and the sweater I started years ago that won’t fit anyone… And the half dozen other pairs of socks I need to finish. O:)


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