I’ve actually made a LOT of progress… On some things.

My sister in law’s socks are finished, and will be delivered in person Easter weekend! (Pictures of those to come after they are delivered, so as not to risk her happening upon this page and spoiling the surprise.)

Started my socks for my other sister in law…. Pink (ew!) lacy (double ew!) things, but I do like how they’re turning out. Started Friday and I’m already finished with the first and started on the second! (Again, no pictures until they’re presented…. just in case.)

I’ve had to commit to not buying any more yarn for a while, sadly… In the past few weeks I’ve spent over $100, probably more like $200… and keep catching myself trying to spend more! Doesn’t help that I’ve been stressed and a little depressed, and that new yarn cheers me up majorly. Ordering it is fun, getting it in the mail is doubly so, and starting a new project.. then working with it… and finishing it… and giving it away or using it… Lots of happiness with each skein. BUT… I haven’t used what I have! Plus, I’ve won a skein of cashmere/silk blend from Mountain Colors, ordered yarn for 2 different projects from Simply Sock Yarn, may or may not have a “Random Acts of Kindness” package coming, and have needles coming for a pair of selfish socks – Skew in Nerd Girl Yarn‘s Swagger in Dark Knight Joker (which, btw, is an awesome colorway from the most awesome store)!

Nerd Girl Yarn Swagger in Dark Knight Joker

Nerd Girl Yarn's Swagger in Dark Knight Joker

All this, and I still keep looking for ways to spend money! I am so addicted… o.o

No more spending until I finish some more projects, I swear! *eyes the mostly finished Kyoto and Hedera calculatingly* So… Uh… I’ll probably be ordering more by Monday! (String Theory Colorworks has some awesome self-striping yarn that would make awesome selfish knits! …if it’s still in stock by then. Hm….) 😉


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