Mail time

Let me start this by saying that, as a person, our mail lady is pretty ok. She lets my daughter go along to the different apartments with her, talks to her, etc… So not a bad woman. However… It pisses me off to no end that she doesn’t even TRY to deliver packages. She will leave them at the office before she even goes around to all the apartments to deliver the mail, and just leaves a note in the mailbox that there’s a package waiting. I’m lucky that I work from home, or I’d have to wait until the weekend to get anything I ordered! How hard is it to knock on a door and wait even 60 seconds to see if they’re home? Granted, I live on the second floor… But still! Nice woman, but damn…

That said… I got a package today! My order from Simply Socks came, and despite my hesitation about the colorway (didn’t check Ravelry to see how it would knit up first, and would have gone with another if I had) I have to say I love my new String Theory Colorworks yarn! It’s somewhat pretty, and omg soft… That little bit of cashmere sure goes a long way. I can’t wait to knit with it… and wear it… and love it to pieces! 😉

String Theory Colorworks Continuum

String Theory Colorworks Continuum in Quasar

Tomorrow, I get circulars! For Magic Loop! And if I hate doing it, I will cry!

That is all.


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