This week is just full of win!

First, I finished the next pair of birthday socks I need to finish – more than 2 weeks early! (Will post pictures of said socks after they are gifted, so there isn’t any spoilage.)

Second, I managed to book 2 nights at a $94/night hotel for $75 total! Go, Shat, go! So I get to give the other pair of birthday socks that are stylishly late to the recipient. Go me!

I’ve managed to get the hang of this whole magic loop thing, too – knitting 2 socks at once, too. It’s going pretty quickly now that I know what I’m doing – and I’d almost say that the two socks together are knitting up just as fast as knitting one single sock all on its own. Almost.

Plus, my sales this week have been through the roof, which means… More money for yarn! And since I finished that pair of socks, I can order more! I’ve decided surprise boxes don’t count. Neither do subscriptions. So I get to buy more! Which is good, because Nerd Girl is updating this week with new yarns, and getting rid of old ones… So I get to order a whole box of fun stuff there!

So, in summary… Finished project, saved money, magic loop, money, and more yarn!!!!!!! Win! 😀

ETA: More win – I’m getting Kushiel-themed yarn from The Asylum, too! *dances*

ETA2: Even more win! Managed to snag 3… Yes, you read that right… THREE!!!! of the new yarns from Nerd Girl! Plus, 2 of the vacationing colors… For a total of 3 awesome sparkly lace weight yarns, and 2 merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarns. This is officially the
…of course, that means I need to get more work done. And finish some more projects. *whistles innocently*


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