And now for something completely different…

Going off-topic tonight, because I just have to rant a bit.

I’m visiting my sister & sister-in-law this weekend. We’re staying in a hotel because their small, 1-bedroom apartment just isn’t big enough for 4 adults, 2 large dogs, and a kid. Usually, this is no big deal. I’ve had really good results using name your own price on Priceline so far – usually scoring rooms at the Baymont across the street from their apartment. It’s a decent hotel, especially for only $35/night. Never had any issues there.

This time, however, I put in a bid for $30/night. Big mistake. The hotel we wound up with is the Fairfield on the other side of the city. The distance isn’t a big deal. Plus, you figure, Fairfield is a big name – a Marriott hotel – so it shouldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. The room entrances are on the outside. Not a horribly bad thing, but it means this is more a motel than a hotel. Still not the end of the world. The room isn’t the biggest, but again, not a horrible thing.

What does get me is this… I paid for my room through Priceline, yet I get charged $40 the second I check in. Then, I try to hook up a video game system to the TV. Nope, can’t do it – you have to pay $20+ to use their limited selection of online games. I don’t get it…. Well, ok, I do – it’s all about money here. But, while I understand that they need to make money, making your customers feel like that’s all that matters to you is not how to get repeat customers.

…especially when your bathrooms are tiny and have no ventilation. >.>

SO not worth it, even at only $30/night.


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