So, last week was full of win. This week…. Epic fail.

So far I have spent way too much money on yarn and yarn-related products – to the point where every single cent I get until the middle of next week is bill money. That said, I did get all the yarn I need to finish the rest of this year’s birthday socks, including some stripey yarn to make a new pair for the midget. But… Still way too much money. I really do need to sit down and write up a budget, even if it’s just that bills get paid first, 50% of everything I make after that goes into savings, and anything after that is mine to spend. Though subscriptions still don’t count toward that – those are bills, I swear!

Second fail so far this week… The cuff on my Skew socks. Had to rip back the entire bind off edge because it was too tight and I couldn’t get them up past my ankles. I did, however, manage to fix it, so I guess, in some ways, that’s a win. Especially since I now have an awesome pair of socks to wear! They’re so comfy, and they fit perfectly. Yay! I just hope that the yarn wears well. These are my very first hand knit socks for me, and I plan on wearing them a lot.

Seriously Skewed Socks

Seriously Skewed Socks

And, finally the most recent fail of the week… Well, this one has a bit of a back story. Last week, I got an awesome shipment of yarn, including 3 skeins of gorgeous, sparkly lace. Never having worked with lace, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, just that I had to have it. So, of course, when the idea of a lace knit-along was suggested, I jumped at the chance. It starts Sunday, I had just finished my socks, and I knew that winding a skein of lace yarn – over 800 yards of it – would take a while, so I started last night. I draped the yarn over the bottom of an upturned laundry basket, which just happened to be the perfect size, and started winding. It went great for the first 2 hours, but then I hit a little snag… Well, more like a little tangle… Ok, fine, it was a huge tangle. Like, a man-eating beast of a tangle. This thing took me probably 5 hours to unravel! So, of course, part of the whopper of a bill this week…. Is a ball winder and a swift. Ain’t no way in hell I’m spending another 5 hours untangling delicate lace yarn that wants to do nothing but stick to itself! *shudders*

So… I guess it isn’t that bad. I had some issues, but they each resulted in something awesome – new yarn, a budget, socks, a ball winder, and a swift! But still… Fail!


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