Psychotic Penguin Socks

I promised, way back when I started making my penguin socks, that I would share the pattern, so here goes!

Psychotic Penguin Socks


Penguins! on Panda Cotton

2 skeins Panda Cotton in Sprite Green/main color (MC)
1 skein Panda Cotton in Royal Purple/contrasting color 1 (CC1)
1 skein Panda Cotton in Fuchsia/contrasting color 2 (CC2)

Set of 5 DPNs in size 0 & 1, or as needed to make gauge

34 sts/4″ on size 1 needles

Women’s size medium

Worked in 1×1 rib (k1 p1)
CO 60 sts in CC1 using smaller needles and distribute evenly between 4 needles.
Join & knit in k1 p1 rib for 4 rows.
Join CC2 & knit in 1×1 rib for 6 rows.
In CC1, continue in pattern for 3 rows.
Switch back to CC2 and work 2 more rows

Worked in stockinette (knit all sts)
Using larger needles, join MC and knit 15 rows
Begin colorwork
Needle 1: K
Needle 2: K4, place marker
Work chart over next 22 sts using intarsia in the round technique, knitting across remainder of each row in stockinette st
After chart
Knit 15 rows

Heel (Feel free to replace with your favorite short-row heel technique)
Place 1st 30 sts on Needle 1, remaining 30 on needle 2
Left sock only: K across Needle 1. This is now needle 2. Continue with instructions.
Join CC1
Row 1 (RS): k to last st on Needle 1, turn, yo
Row 2 (WS): p to last working st, turn, yo
Continue these two rows, switching between CC1 & CC2 every 4 rows, until 10 working sts remain.
Row 3 (RS): yo, k10, k3tog, turn
Row 4 (WS): yo, p11, p3tog, turn
Row 5 (RS): yo, k 12, k3tog, turn
Row 6 (WS): yo, p 13, p3tog, turn
etc… until all sts worked again, switching between cc1 & cc2 every 4 rows (match to previous rows for best results)
Right sock only: K across needle 2

Rearrange sts evenly between all 4 needles. K with MC until foot measures 2″ shorter than desired finished length

Switch to CC1
Needle #1 – k1, sl1 k1 psso, k to end
Needle #2 – k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
Needle #3 – k1, sl1 k1 psso, k to end
Needle #4 – k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
R2: K
Continue knitting R1 & R2 until 24 sts remain, switching to CC2 after 6 rows, and back to CC1 after 6 rows of CC2
Work R1 until 12 sts remain
Using kitchener st, graft toe sts together

Weave in ends & block

Note: For the second sock, I switched CC1 & CC2 for the Cuff, heel, & Toe

This pattern has not been tested, so if there are any comments or suggestions, please post them here.

Penguin Chart

Chart for colorwork

Note: The penguin used for the art on these socks was designed by Foomandoonian. It is used with permission, and has been licensed under the Creative Commons license.


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