I’ve been plotting with a friend for something super secret and awesome, and I’m really excited… But athat has nothing to do with the remainder of this post. Besides, it’s a secret.

Anyways, yesterday, I got 3 packages of yarny goodness in the mail. One was an awesome swap package that I’m totally in love with, one was yarn from Nerd Girl Yarns (which is an awesome little shop and everyone should check it out). The third was a big bag of fiber.

Now, I ordered this fiber from an etsy shop I’d never heard of before, after a friend pointed out they were having a sale. Apparently she’s bought things from them before, and had no issues. I fell in love with a set of 3 2oz bits of Falkland, dyed in coordinating colors, and snagged it up. I was so excited! The plan was socks, knit with yarn that I spun myself, just for me.

So, the package came yesterday, and I was excited to open it. So, imagine my surprise when I pull out the fiber and… It’s not the colors I thought it would be. It’s pretty – 2 shades of purple plus black, but they’re not anywhere near the shades of purple that I expected. Bummer. But… No big deal. I like it anyways.

About an hour later, I go to take pictures. Take the fiber out of the bag and I’m hit with this smell. I sniff the fiber, and yep, that’s where it’s coming from. This stuff reeeks of chemicals. I email the dyer, she says she’s never had complaints about it, offers to refund the money, and… I say no. I like it too much, and it’s too much hassle anyways. She says that it might have some normal fleecy smell to it, but none of her other stuff smells… I sniff it more. Nope, it’s definitely a chemical smell.

Now, this might be a good place to mention that I have some major chemical sensitivities. I manage to avoid them for the most part – I use unscented body products, don’t use chemical air fresheners, go with natural alternatives whenever possible. But sometimes (and, I swear, this happens twice a year – no more, no less) something happens and I can’t avoid it, and wind up with what, to me, is a major reaction. 3-4 days of headache, sore throat, swollen sinuses, fever, as my body tries to get rid of the toxins I breathed in.

Needless to say, today is day 1 of hell. I should have washed that fiber immediately after the first whiff, instead of sniffing it over and over again to try to figure out what was going on…. Lesson learned. And now I get to be miserable for the next few days. Whee.

…at least I have plotting to do, and socks to knit, and more yarny goodness on its way.


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