8 down…

So far this year, I’ve managed to knit a total of 8 complete pairs of socks! 3 more and I’ll hit my 11 in ’11 goal! And…. It’s looking like I have a very good chance of succeeding. 🙂

The latest? My “Smell My Feet” socks, knit in the OOAK Trick or Treat colorway on Schmutzerella Yarns’ Dude.

Mmmm... Warm!

Not only did I knit these socks in a week, but… I designed the pattern myself! And released it as a free ravelry download. Say hello to “Confuzzle!”

Unfortunately, I didn’t match the yarn to the pattern very well, so you can’t really see the awesome cables… But that’s ok. They’re still nice and warm and cozy.

So, yes, still on track for finishing, even with only 2 months left… Partially because I have a few secrets that I can’t share yet… That may involve socks. Lots and lots of socks. 😉

Still haven’t gotten any further on the gift count – these are mine – but… I’ll get there. I hope.


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