I did it. I made a schedule.

Usually, for me, schedules are things that get looked at and then thrown away when I get bored. And, considering it’s only day 3, there’s still plenty of room for that. However, so far, it’s working out pretty well!

First on the list is a 3-week shawl project. I threw a few smaller projects on during those 3 weeks as incentives, and to keep me from wanting to stab people… But so far, it’s actually working out pretty well. I came up with an amount I need to knit each day, in order to meet my 3 week goal (factoring in the inevitable slump and ‘I do not want to work’ days), and so far… Success!

In fact, so far, I’ve knit through almost 4 days’ worth of work, according to the plan. I never would have thought I could manage that… Especially considering how close it seems that I am to finishing this thing. Of course, now I’m to the point where the rows are getting longer, and longer, and longer, and eventually, just one row may be an entire day’s worth of work. (well, ok, not likely to get to one row… but maybe 2-3)

So… Who knows what tomorrow may bring, or next week, but so far… I’m ahead of schedule. And that feels good.

The Shawl

Dr. Juju agrees.


2 responses to “Progress!”

  1. Kelly says :


    I am trying to set up a schedule for uh…, what with homeschooling and all.

    I love the colors and the edges!

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