I was hoping I could survive one more day, but it’s happened… I’m having major cravings for something quick and colorful and not purple & black.

My schedule has me starting another, quick project tomorrow… But I’m thinking I may break down and do it today. After I get some work done on the shawl, of course. This week’s incentive projects are supposed to include 1) a worsted weight project of secret properties that cannot be mentioned, 2) a child-sized pair of mittens, and 3) a quick, worsted weight hat made with more angora bliss. On top of the goal of 10g/day for the shawl. We’ll see…

My problem right now is… I still haven’t dyed up the fiber for inside the mittens. Did I mention they’re going to be thrummed mittens? I guess I could just use white fiber… But it’s not nearly as fun that way. Plus, I’m still waiting on the yarn for the super secret project. Which leaves me with…. the hat. A grey hat. Which really doesn’t fit the bill for a colorful, quick project. Is it any wonder that I’m suddenly eying my stash?

Actually, I do have some rainbow colored silk fiber… Maybe that would work for the thrummed mittens. Hm…

Off to go stash-diving!


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