The Wall

Every once in a while, you’re chugging along, getting things done, and you hit a wall. That’s where I am tonight. I don’t want to knit, I don’t want to work, I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to watch TV or play games… I don’t want to do anything but sit on my butt and do absolutely, positively nothing.

The thing is… I’ve got so many things that I should  be doing right now. I need to apply for health insurance, clean, change the litter boxes, get some work done, knit… And probably more things that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Instead, I can’t bring myself to do anything. I’ve not no energy, no motivation… I really should just go to sleep so many I’ll have said energy in the morning, but it’s too early for that. It’s a Saturday night – I should be having fun.. Instead, everything is just… blah.

Too much pressure – from others, from myself, from everywhere and everyone. And I really don’t deal all that well with pressure. Makes me want to curl up and hide, not work to get through it. *sigh*

What I could really go for right now, though… Is someone to curl up in bed with and watch a movie or something that I don’t really have to pay attention to… Just to cuddle and fall asleep together.

Some days I hate being single…


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