Still Alive

This was a triumph…

No, really, it was. I had a few days there where I didn’t want to do anything. And then a brief stint where I worked on things, and then a few more days where, once again, nothing got done. (Apparently, weekends are going to be like that.) So, it really is a triumph that… I’ve finished another pair of socks!

These ones, however, are special. Special socks. Yep, that’s them.
What’s so special about ’em?
I can’t tell you.

No, really, I can’t tell you. Because it’s a SECRET! I can, however, share a teaser picture. A really awesome teaser picture. And the knowledge that all will be revealed next Friday! (Hopefully, at least…)

Ooooh, mysterious!

I realized, after the past couple of weeks, that I needed to rewrite my schedule. Because, honestly, there’s no way I’m going to work on the same project for 3 weeks straight, without losing steam entirely and deciding I don’t want to do anything anymore. The new schedule, however, looks a lot more…. Appealing. Reasonable. Possible. And those are all very, very good things when you’re on a deadline. Oh yeah… Deadline… 39 days and counting!

And, also? 10 1/2 down, 1 1/2 pairs to go!!!!


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