State of the knitting

December 1. 25 days until xmas. 31 days until the end of the world year.

Still on my to-do list:

  1. 1 Mitten (xmas)
  2. Finishing work on slippers (xmas) – waiting on yarn for this
  3. 1 Red Riding Hood (xmas) – waiting on ribbon for the finishing on this
  4. 1 kid’s cowl (xmas)
  5. 1 cloche-style hat (xmas) – need a pretty button for this
  6. 1 tween’s cowl (xmas) – no idea what pattern I’m using
  7. 1 adult hat (xmas) – waiting on yarn for this
  8. 1 shawl (xmas)
  9. 1 last pair of socks to hit my goal of 12 for the year (new years) – may just finish a WIP
  10. Finishing work on sweater from 2005 (new years)

The good thing is, up until #8, it’s mostly one-day projects, 2-day at most. The shawl is going to drive me nuts, though… But it’ll be worth it. I hope. And the sweater will kill my fingers, but it just needs to be blocked, sewn together, and then the edging needs to be knit for it. Not THAT bad.

I did finish November’s shawl. This thing turned out beautiful – even if it’s smaller than I had hoped, and a little lopsided. The mystery recipient is going to love it. 🙂

The Evil Shawl of Evil

Also… I’m sad. The first ever socks I knit for me have a hole in ’em. I need to darn ’em, but I’ve never darned anything before, and this is a bit of a scary concept. So scary in fact that they’ve been sitting next to my desk for a week now. I pick ’em up every so often to look at the hole, sigh, and put ’em back down. Poor babies.


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