So close…

I’m getting so close to finishing. I got the shawl finished in just 3 days of knitting – go me! Managed to knit a doll-sized pair of mittens and cowl in one day, too. This leaves me with only one project that I need to finish… The damn slippers!

I’m seriously considering just doing a quick feather & fan cuff on ’em, and calling it good. Or maybe just ribbing… But I’d like to do something to make them more special than every day socks. We’ll see.

Started a pair of fingering weight doll-sized socks… After all these worsted weight projects, the tiny needles are driving me absolutely nuts! Not sure these are going to get done by Christmas but, honestly? It doesn’t matter if they do or not! Hah!

There’s only a few days left until Christmas, and I’m so close to my goal that I can taste it. Which, of course, means it’s getting harder and harder to get myself to work on what I need to finish! I could have had the slippers done tonight but, instead, I spent all night searching for the perfect hat pattern. Found a few nice ones, but nothing that was really screaming my name, which basically means, it was a bunch of wasted time.  Now, Pretty Thing? THAT is calling my name. Has been for a while. And I have the yarn for it… But, right now? Don’t have the $5 to buy the pattern. And, of course, I’d much rather make it out of a super luxury yarn like, say, quviut… or maybe pure cashmere or angora, but that’s so not in the budget, so… Imagination it is.

And now, I think I’ll sleep. Tomorrow is laundry day. And present wrapping day. And I promised Cheyenne that I’d try to do her hair like Cindy Lou Who – which will likely result in her crying and me giving up and just putting it in 2 braids or pigtails or something. Whee.


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