Year In Review

All in all, this has really been a good knitting year. I said, back in March, that this was going to be the year that I got serious about knitting, and boy did I stick to it! Since that post in March, I’ve completed a total of 48 projects – that’s an average of almost 5 per month. Before that I’d knit a total of maybe 30 projects – in the more than 6 years I’d been knitting!

I’ve tried lace, really learned to crochet, done fair isle and intarsia, done test knits, modified patterns, realized I was purling the wrong way and learned to do it the right way, and even created my own patterns! I’ve learned how to choose the right yarn for a project and developed my own preferences for fiber. I’ve even learned to spin and dye my own yarn. I’ve done selfish knits, gifts for family and friends, and participated in knitting swaps, knit-alongs, crochet-alongs, and Nerd Wars. Overall, I’ve become very confident in my abilities, and knitting has become a major theme in my life.

I started with a goal of birthday socks for every person in my family, and I can’t say that I followed through, but I did change the goal… I’ve finished 11 of the 12 pairs of socks I want to have completed by the end of the year, and am about halfway through the very last pair. I’ve finished or frogged all but one of my original unfinished projects, and the last is set to be finished this week.

I invested in good quality tools this year, instead of going for the cheapest available. I have 2 sets of interchangeable knitting needles – one thanks to my awesome mother, a swift and ball winder, yarn scale, metal darning needles, almost every size of crochet hook that I could possibly need, project bags, a needle gauge… and yarn.

Did I mention that I’ve bulked up my yarn stash majorly? I had a few skeins at the beginning of the year, but they weren’t the greatest quality. Now, however, I actually have a decent quantity, in a good variety of colors, weights, and fibers. While I do still have some cheap stuff, most of it is good quality, and some of it could even be considered “luxury” yarn. Now, I may not have been the wisest with my money when it came to building this stash, but I’m working on that. It’s part of the learning I’m doing as I grow – making smarter choices about how much I spend, and what I spend it on.

As for what’s coming next year… Well, I’ll talk about that later. For now, I think I’m going to just enjoy the knowledge that I really did have a good year this year. 🙂


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