Week the Third

Three weeks. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could knit an entire sweater in just three weeks. But, here it is.

Part of me wants to give it to the midget right now… But it’s a birthday present, and the matching one isn’t done, and I can hold off for another two weeks, right? Right???
Um… Maybe it should be hidden out of sight before I change my mind. 😉

I need to make another sweater. For me. *nods*

The yarn for the next big project came the other day, and I’m aching to start it… But nope – I’ve got a pair of knee socks to finish first, and a beaded-shawl-thingy to work on, and a doll sized sweater to finish up. I’m being good, I swear!

Of course, it doesn’t help that I have some gorgeous merino/cashmere/nylon yarn that’s screaming my name, and some alpaca sock yarn, and the yarn for one of the few pairs of birthday socks I’m doing this year came, too, and those want to be cast on…

I will say, though, last year’s goal of birthday socks for everyone taught me something… Very few people really, truly appreciate them. So, while it is going to become a tradition in some sense, it’s not going to be one that everyone gets to be in on… Just the people that I know liked their birthday socks, and wear them regularly. 2-3 weeks of work is too much to put into something for anyone who doesn’t really like what they got. I’ll still do small accessories on heavier weight yarn, but not socks. Besides, I need more for myself!

And, speaking of which… I got my first ever darning egg and darned my first pair of socks. It took a lot less time than I thought it would, and was a lot easier than I expected. And now, I can wear my Joker socks again!

This really has been a good week. Hell, it’s been a good month so far. An amazing month!


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