Help! Someone, please, help! I’m on fire!!!!!

Ok, ok… It’s not the emergency type of fire. It’s the “finishing major projects before their deadlines” type. Honestly, I think I prefer this kind. Less burny. 😉

The knee socks are officially finished. I grafted the toe and wove in the ends about 20 minutes ago. For the most part, I’m happy with them, especially after I actually measured Cheyenne’s leg and realized that the measurements were right after all. My only issue is where I went from the knit side to the purl side on the short row heel – it looks really loose and sloppy to me. I know she won’t care, but… Next time, I use my own method, instead of following what’s in the pattern, I swear.

I’m happy, though. Just one more tiny little project to finish up before the 5th, and I’ve got more than a week left. Woohoo!


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