Yet another good week finished!

Just about ready to wrap up January, and I think I’ve done pretty well so far. I finished my 7-year sweater, made the first of 12 pairs of socks, completed another sweater, plus a matching one for Cheyenne’s doll, got the first gift for my Xmas box done and ready to be put away, and I’m all set to start on my next big project: a Hemlock Ring blanket.

I’m really excited about this blanket. I’ve got the yarn – a full bag of a lovely green, worsted weight, superwash wool (for those who aren’t in the know, superwash can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.)

I’m going to be good and not start until the 1st, but I did make up a swatch for it… and didn’t like how it felt while it was drying, so knit up a second swatch on smaller needles. Of course, now that the second one is drying and the first is completely dry, I sorta like the first. So… We’ll see how that turns out.

The thing is… I don’t want to start anything new until the 1st, but I’ve run out of things to work on! So I’m basically just sitting here, staring at the screen, and poking at stuff that’s already finished.

…maybe I should just do a quick project. Maybe something super-selfish just for me? We’ll see.

Now if only I could get caught up on  bills so I could buy all the yarn I need for the projects I have planned this year… Big projects.. Which need lots of the same yarn, instead of all the single skeins I have… Hm…


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