Week 6 Blahs

So, uh… Week 6 was pretty much an epic fail. I didn’t knit at all. Seriously. It wasn’t until Sunday of this week that I picked up my yarn and needles again, and even then, it was only to work on my scrap blanket.

I did manage to get a decent amount of work done on it, though. I’m at over 50″ along the side now – out of a goal of 80-90″ (ouch!)

I’m getting there, though. And, once I hit that goal, it’ll be all downhill. Instead of each row getting longer, they’ll begin to get shorter again, and eventually, it’ll be finished, and I’ll have a wonderfully warm blanket to curl up under – probably just in time for an August heat wave!

I also did a bad thing… I took the one thing I had in my Xmas box and gave it to Cheyenne as a Valentine’s gift today. Yeah, I have 10 1/2 months left until I need to have it full, but it’s still a little counter-productive – especially when I don’t know if I’ll have time to really work on Xmas presents before September. And I’d really like to have the bulk of the gifts done before then so I’m not rushing to get them done, and to make sure I have all the yarn I need.


Oh well.. This week will be better.



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