40 – Productivity!

September was a very, very productive month. I managed to finish 12 projects (11 of which I started the same month!)

Roflmao, my super sexy bunny model

The vast majority of it was, of course, gifts to be given over the next 3 months – most being Christmas gifts, with a few other things thrown in for good measure. Plus, I tried my hand at felted slippers (bunny slippers, to be exact) and fell so in love with them that I’m trying to figure out a way to sell them… Without charging more than I think people will reasonably pay – or selling myself short. I’ll keep you updated on the progress there.

The gift box contents so far… Sorry, colors would be too big of a hint!

I also worked on something that’s becoming increasingly important… Alternative methods of holding the yarn & needles when I knit. My hands have been getting achy lately, and there are times when I can’t really feel anything in the tips of my fingers (yes, I know, I need to see a doctor – but there’s no money for doctors right now, and no insurance.) So, I’ve been experimenting with my options, and I’m leaning toward lever knitting. It’s similar to English, but with the left hand doing more of the work, and the right hand moving only to wrap the yarn. It’s a bit of a challenge to learn, but I’m getting there, and getting faster. In fact, I’ve knit a couple projects already done entirely by lever knitting!
Right now, I only have 2 projects I’m working on – a pair of Norwegian mittens that are coming out beautifully, and a scarf that I’m only one row into and I’m already considering frogging it – eep! But, for only being the second day of the month, I think I’m doing ok.

As for right this very moment, though, I think it’s time to give my hands a break and do something a bit less strenuous…. Maybe I should crochet a bit! 😉


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3 responses to “40 – Productivity!”

  1. inappropriate1967 says :

    Hi! I just wanted to ask you about the lever knitting – is there a book or certain set of instructions you are using? Thanks! – curiously, inappropriate

    • pipsknits says :

      I figured it out from watching the videos here, but this page has a better explanation of the movements.

      Basically, you hold one needle in the crook of your right thumb (or under your armpit if you’re using long straight needles). The other needle, held in your left hand, is the one that you move, both to position the yarn on the right needle, and to pull it off after you wrap for the new stitch. The only movement you make with your right hand is wrapping the yarn (or moving it between the needles when you’re switching from knit to purl and vice versa.)

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