40.2 – Whee, fun?

I think I may be pushing myself a little too hard lately. My hands and wrists are both sore – usually it’s only my right. Of course, that may have something to do with doing colorwork and using both hands to knit…. Nah.

I’m starting to fall behind on my gift knitting schedule. Last week, I was ahead, but somehow I went from being 4-5 days ahead of schedule to almost a week behind! I’m thinking maybe I need to prioritize (again) and figure out what I really want to make, what really needs to be made, and what’s not worth the time.

Right now, it’s looking like anything on yarn lighter than DK is going to be swept off into the abyss… Aside from 2 1/2 pairs of colorwork mittens (which are probably what’s causing this problem to begin with, but shhh! I want to make ’em!) Oh, and can’t take off the niece’s socks, either – I promised her socks, so she’s going to get socks! This girl asks for stuff more than anyone else I know – and she’s only 3. Of course I’m going to make her anything she wants!

Cheyenne, too, has been asking for things… Though she’s a lot less specific. We were flipping through my patterns, talking about what I was going to make for who this year, and she kept whining that none of it was for her. *whistles innocently* I do know she wants a shawl. And she needs a scarf – she’s never had a hand knit one, just a “neck warmer” (cowl) that barely fit over her head. Plus, she’s getting mittens, and a hat… This girl is going to be more spoiled than she knows. But she thinks she’s not getting anything. Cuz I’m good like that. (And also because she’s super gullible.)

I did figure out the problem with the scarf – it was just a lack of comprehension on my part… But it’s facing either the frog pond, or being tossed into purgatory until after the holiday season, because it’s a fingering weight scarf with over 300 stitches per row, and it’s annoying the crap out of me. I knit and knit and knit for hours on end, and I’m still maybe an inch into the thing. Blech. Think I’m maybe halfway to the first really interesting row, and even then, it’s not that interesting. It’s very, very tempting to frog it, double up the yarn, and make something faster. But we’ll see.

And, then, on top of all the gift knitting I’ve been working on, I’ve got even more super secret projects going on. Projects that involve lots and lots of planning and preparation, and conspiring with friends, and maybe even, eventually, making a little money. But, mostly, they’re just really, really, really awesome. And time consuming. *sigh*

Something tells me this is going to be another late-night Christmas Eve knit-a-thon.


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