41.2 – October Blahs

I should be cleaning and organizing right now. My bedroom/office is overrun with papers and boxes and all sorts of crap that needs to be taken care of… But I’ve got no energy – or, at least, no motivation.

I have a good amount of yarn sitting in cardboard boxes, with nowhere to put it. All of my project bags have at least 2 projects shoved into them… And I keep having to hunt down patterns that I only put down maybe an hour before!

All of this has led me to the realization that I really need to break down and buy more organization materials. I need drawers (or at least bins) to put my yarn in. I need separate shelves for my knitting stuff (my regular bookcases are packed with my reading books!) I need somewhere to put my patterns I’m working on that doesn’t involve having to get them in and out of a binder. And I need storage for my finished items that don’t have a home yet – including gifts!

I keep meaning to get more storage space, to clean out my closet, to get organized, period… And it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. There’s more important stuff to spend time & money on. Yarn “needs” to be bought, patterns “need” to be knit, bills actually do need to be paid, and work really does need to get done. And, I need to spend time with the midget, and take some time (and a little money) for myself, too… Doesn’t leave much for organization.

At the same time, all this clutter can’t be helping my mental state lately. Everything just piles up, and it feels like the same is going on with my life – everything piling up, nothing getting taken care of, it’s just pushed aside to be dealt with if/when it becomes a problem.

I think (well, ok, I know) I need to commit to working on organizing things – both physically and mentally. It’s just hard to get started, and to keep going, and not slide back to the spot where things are perched precariously and any wrong move could send them tumbling down. It’s not a good way to live in any sense.

Anyone have any energy or motivation to spare?


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