42 – The Answer

Looking for the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

….I sure don’t have it. Bah.

My hands have been achy this week. Possibly because I’ve been using them… But the jury is still out on that.
Managed to get almost all of one project finished, just waiting on some yarn to do the last bit. Half of the (not so) super secret first project is done, too. But, of course, I can’t show any of this.

What I can show, though, is my organization progress. It’s not perfect – nowhere near. But, considering how bad it was, and the fact that I can’t afford to buy organizers this month, I think it came out pretty damn good.

From this:

Where I started. Notice the boxes, and pile o’ crap, and everything. Kinda hard to work with this on my desk, y’know…

To this!

All finished!
Well, for now at least. Still need somewhere to put the yarn & stuff in the cardboard boxes – not to mention the random crap that’s still cluttering, but not overwhelming, the desk.

Notice, too, that the cat miraculously changed in the process of cleaning! It’s magic! 😉

Next month… The closet of doom!



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