42.3 – Shut up already!!!!!

Three posts in a week – that has to be a record. Maybe.

But, I just had to share what I’m up to tonight… You see, one project I have planned for my holiday knitting this year requires bulky weight, yellow yarn. Now, I needed that bulky weight, yellow yarn to be machine washable, and as close to 100% wool as possible, and still super affordable, as I needed about 500 grams, which can get pretty pricey.

So, of course, I turned to my favorite cheap-but-decent yarn pusher store.

First criteria: Bulky weight
No problem – there’s an entire page devoted to all their bulky weight yarns.

Second criteria: Machine washable
Ok, that narrows my choices down to 3 bases

Third criteria: As close to 100% wool as possible
Alright, there’s 100% acrylic, 50% nylon & 50% wool, or 100% wool. The 100% wool is the only one that won’t make my fingers cry, so that’s the obvious choice.

Fourth & final criteria: Yellow
No problem – the picture shows a really pretty butter yellow that will….
There’s no yellow.

So, I take a step back and think… There is really nowhere that I can get this decent of a price on yarn – especially with no shipping costs. But, they don’t have what I need. So, what do I do?

Dye my own!

I ordered up enough of their undyed yarn for my project (all the requirements, just natural colored instead of yellow!) It came, I let it sit for a bit, while I worked on other projects, and then this week, I decided it was time…

Tonight, after a nice, long talk with Nancy of Schmutzerella Yarns, I whipped out the big silver pot, some food coloring, and a bottle of vinegar and… well…

I think I might just have my yellow.

The yarn is cooling now, after which I’ll rinse it and set it out to dry. Right now, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. The yellow isn’t 100% even, but I think that just adds a bit more interest to the fabric.

Let’s just hope all the dye doesn’t wash out!


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