Progress… and not so much

So, a couple months later, I’m still waiting on legal stuff, my life is still pretty much on hold… But I’m making progress on other fronts – mainly, Christmas!

I’m a lot more into it than I was last year – it’s something to look forward to, and work toward, that I know isn’t going to crumble beneath me. Can’t say the same about other things right now, but I have yarn, I have hands, I have needles & hooks… There will be Christmas presents!!!

So far, in my super sneaky Xmas shoebox, I have a shawl, a hat, 3 pairs of socks, and a scarf. Those are done, except for blocking, and one thing needs a button sewn on.

On the needles, waiting for incoming supplies, I have a nearly finished stuffed animal that needs finishing touches (waiting for eyes), and half a mitten that’s waiting for beads. Then, I have a hooded scarf that I don’t know how much I have left to do (designed it myself – and then lost my chart for the colorwork – eek!) and a bag that’s a pain in the butt and might not make it for Xmas. (Ok, it’s entirely possible that neither will – they’re not very compelling at the moment.)

Along with those, I have plans for one more hat, a pair of fingerless mittens, 2 more stuffed animals, a doll sweater, a doll poncho and hat, and possibly a blanket. And it’s all doable. Most of the projects should only take a day or two, and I have 43 days left.

But I’m not forgetting myself! I’ve made 3 pairs of socks for ME so far this year, and I’ll likely do at least one more. Apparently, I’ve become a sock knitter – and I enjoy it. It takes about a week to whip up a pair, if I stick with them… Which really isn’t that bad, when you think about it. I’m really loving my self-striping yarn, too. Stripey socks are the best!!!

Now if only I could make some progress when it comes to work stuff…


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